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Bill Gates, a nice guy (for once)

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  • Bill Gates, a nice guy (for once)

    Oct. 8 — A “really rotten day” at work in late January prompted a just-about-had-it Toronto police officer to e-mail a spontaneous plea to the world’s richest man for help fighting child pornography. “To be real honest, I didn’t expect anything back. I didn’t even save the e-mail,” said Detective Sgt. Paul Gillespie, a 25-year veteran of the Toronto force.

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    Wow...I have nothing negitive to say about this! ....Wow! I initally wanted to get into computer forensic's and "hacking" to one day chase after these people. This has been my drive in the industry, catching people with there little "problem" and sharing it across the internet to others like them.

    I can't belive I'm going on record here saying this but...Go Bill!
    "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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      The application is laudable, but the implications of the technology border on total information awareness. It would suck to get into that database, because the computer is always right. Right?


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        This is a time when I seriously hope this isnt a PR ploy. But honestly I can say that any budget going into this effort should get praise. Why? ...because I feel it is right!!!