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  • New WWWD Button

    For anyone who has been using the WWWD3 button that Agent Green created to
    link back to the WWWD website, we have a new, WWWD general button for use
    until WWWD4 dates are announced. ck3k did this one up for us.

    You can get the button off the the WWWD main page at or you can just grab it straight from

    Hopefully Agent Green is still willing to do a WWWD4 button up for us once
    we have dates etc. Until then, this is probably the best button to use.
    perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'

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    Hell yeah, agent greens button which ironicaly was green, I see some underground dealings going down. I look forward to sporting my WWWD t-shirt around next week.
    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.