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  • The Black Book

    From the Book of Roamer, Chapter 1

    The Beginning

    In the black abyss of the long forgotten: Long before time and space existed there was The One. And in the nothingness he felt lonely so he created his first. And the first were his favorites for they were his only. Christopher also know as Roamer, was his most sought after. Soon after came the Tiers of the blackness and Roamer rebelled again his master. And in the darkness came Roamers Children: BlackWave, Octalpussy, Noid, Nulltone, Grifter, Russr, Siviak.

    And each of them were wise in there own right and spawned more creations upon the darkness, still before there was time and space. Octalpussy begot Kryonik and Pezz to her bidding of the diabolical.

    Blackwave started a church for his many followers whom he soon created to revere him and long for his love and warmth. He called this the Church of WiFi, and its members were: Mother (Grand Inquisitor of the Church), ffrf (bishop of the church), Maui (minister of the church), Converge (The Exalted Reverend), and Ck3k (The Altar boy).

    Noid, while sitting lonely upon his stoop, decided to surround himself with warriors for the battle that would someday ensue. After creating his new beast he bestowed these names upon them: Priest, Lost, Shatter, Flea, Ghent, Boogah, Queeg, Skrooyoo, El Jefe, Banshee, Arclight and Maximus. Then with one last ounce of strength before he rested he bestowed the title of Evil upon his queen.

    Deep in the Prison of his own mind, Siviak thought upon many things, he felt he wasn't whole. For many millennia he brood over this fact, somewhere in the recesses of the chasm of himself the nothingness tortured him.... Then a light dawned upon him, he figured what it was that he needed, the thing to make him whole. He needed... A Core. And with but a blink of an eye he engineered one. And then came his fledglings in the form of: Denerius, Lost Soul, Almost Dead Guy, The Clone, Che, CriticalMass, Aggona, Spahkle, Treephrog, -Fil-, and with all his power upon that day, he made his finest creation, he Amazonian goddess, Sno.

    Then there was Grifter. Grifter was a good-hearted soul, but couldn't find comfort in the arms of a man. He felt it wasn't proper, wasn't right. For some reason unbeknownst to the infinity he didn't enjoy having a naked man hugging him from behind.... So with the majority of the power, granted to him from the Roamer, he created the most beautiful woman that had ever been known. And he embarked on a partnership with her to spend their forevers together. As can be expect, since he spent the majority of his power on her. His flock had much to be desired. He called them "The Hektik". The Hektik were a group of odd, midget type people with only 3 fingers and a thumb. They were also created with no genitalia, for Grifter did not believe they need such device until they were ready to re-procreate.

    Russr never did anything spectacular until after the Third Great War. He was hermit like, feeding off the happiness of other people, and defecating sorrow and misery. His history can be found in his book.

    Nulltone on the other hand was the youngest of the brood. He was but a child by The Roamers standards yet had the mind of a great Philosopher of today. And being whom he was embarked on a journey to find infinity and understand his origins beyond Roamer. His story is still being written for it is still happening.


    More to come Later, this is just one of the Chapters of the Boredom Project.

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    WOW! Almost biblical! Will we be able to view all the chapters thus far? Keep writing, this is good. Reminds me of Genisis.


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      lol great stuff, would be better if i saw my name in it :(
      cant wait until you are finished.
      "so many books, so little time"


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        and Yea, harken forth unto ..... stuff and less boredom
        If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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          and from the depths of some other psychotic level of drug induced reality h3adrush cut a path through the iron thick haze to seek his place among these god-like beings...


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            Knowing HighWiz, having your name in it is not necessarily a good thing...