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    I'm interested to hear some opinions on the Hackers BlackBook/Handbook. I'm interested in buying it, as it promises to teach the basics of hacking in an easy to read form, but I heard somewhere else (I think it was on these forums) that it was outdated.

    The link to the book I'm reffering to is:

    Is it worth buying? Opinions?

    - Sparkplug

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    Okey, lets start. A book that says it will teach you to hack wont, it will teach you to use programs to hack. but of course what is the deffinition of hack, is it a cabbie in new york, a bad movie, or just someone with a cough. I would suggest not to read any of this learn2hack bullshit, maybe try and learn linux, at least something worth while.
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      Ok, thanks for the fast reply also.


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        Spend your money on some O'Riley Books instead. Learning how to hack from a 'hacking' book wont teach you a whole lot. It may be good for covering the basics (i.e. whats a buffer overflow, why is it bad, how does one find one?) and it may give you some basics in locking your system down. But if you go buy some books on system administration, programing, and network design you will be far better off in the long run.

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          If you want some quick and dirty info, the "Hacking Exposed" series is great. I would suggest them as a quick basis, then follow noid's advice and read up on the stuff from the o'riley books and learn how it works. (or vica-versa). Actually learning the stuff is ALWAYS better for the long run.
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