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  • Regarding the rules

    I just noticed that the forum rules are not visible at first glance, considering that the rules post is over 30 days old.... now, I'm sure that anyone who's been around forums long enough can figure out how to view them, but I just thought i'd point it out, considering you guys seem to have so many problems with tards asking "h0W c@n 1 h@x0r??" and the like...... personally, after reading most of those posts, I've been finding myself stepping fairly lightly.... I have been known to use 1337 on occasion.... mostly at 3:00 in the morning when I'm too tired to type properly........ and I tried back oriface once.... although that was on my own network.....

    but anyway.... if these people could see the rules more easily, maybe they would be more apt to follow them, or just piss off before they got one of the goons on their tail..... but that's just an idea.... I'm not trying to offend anyone.... *looks around all paraniod like*......... - BYTE-Smasher (plz disregard the cheezyness of the handle... i've had it way too long...)

    P.S. hey... chris.... I like your avatar!..... *runs off screaming*....
    do {
    if rand()%365 ==13 {
    goto sleep;}
    } while (hell != frozen);

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    Ask and ye shall receive...
    perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'