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  • Sound under AIX

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried to get sound running under AIX - specifically, AIX 4.3.3. I have an RS/6000 Model 7011 I'm thinking of using as an MP3 jukebox (which it should just be able to handle), but it appears as though sound was never a priority for IBM when designing AIX.

    I was thinking of using 4Front Technologies' OSS implementation for AIX, but it only talks about PCI and ISA PnP cards being supported. The card I'm planning on using is a SoundPiper 16, an MCA-based card using the Ensoniq ES688 chipset. According to the docs, OSS will support generic ESS ES688 based soundcards, so at least the card's hardware is supported - but I have no idea if the bus is or not.

    I've got an email in to 4Front to see what they can tell me, but figured I'd see if anyone here has tried anything like this before. Google is not being a great deal of help in this matter.