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  • The Collective -- All your 802.11b are belong to us . org

    The Collective

    What is?
    Unlike any other database system that exists since or during the period of "the collective" (2002), none other has given a return of the entire collective back to the submitter. The collective is not a mapping database system. It is a mechanism to exchange data in a cumulative fashion for such interested parties through anonymous assimilation.

    "The Collective" version two point zero has risen from the ashes one year and eight days since it was publicly disbanded November fourth year two-thousand and two. "The Collective" version one point zero sparked into creation May fourteenth year two-thousand and two. The reasons "The collective" version one point zero was disbanded remains undisclosed. Historical Artifacts may be referenced here (registration required). *Historical reference of the disbandment was lost in the Great Crash of 2002*

    Who are?
    "The Collective" is everyone and no one. No desiginations are given to those that form the collective at any time, or to anyone.

    "The Collective" disseminates all data to respective parties be it WiGLE, NetStumbler, The WorldWide WarDrive

    "The Collective" assimilates all. To assimilate email your wardriving artifacts in ns1 format and compressed archival format to :

    After data-integrity-verification has occurred you will receive notification as to the completion of your assimilation to "the collective"

    data-integrity-verification must occur to keep the idea of "the collective" clean. This is done through data moderation. If the data submitted is suspicious you will be notified as to why assimilation did not occur. Further measures may be taken at this time to assist you into assimilation.

    For further questions not answered above please send your inquiries to their respective emails below:
    general questions:

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