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Defacing a Site

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  • Defacing a Site

    Soory , For that lame Post ,

    Any way Any Site defacers there ???

    Plz Do send me a mail with ur yahoo chat ID


    Need to Discuss a lot on it

    First Post Eradication (FPE)
    Destination : Fucktard Hall
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    Before you take it upon yourself to "help us out" by calling another user on this forum a fucktard, asshat, moron, idiot, or anything else take a look under your avatar. If the year listed for Date Registered is later than 2001...
    ok, I am after 2001

    If the date regitstered is 2001, then look under your name...if it doesn't say Goon, Administrator, or Moderator...yep you guessed it....
    Don't have the authority here
    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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      Oh my... I suggest you edit or remove this post before someone see's it... I don't think these questions are to be asked here... just giving you a heads up before someone else gives you the boot...
      When you draw first blood you can't stop this fight
      For my own piece of mind - I'm going to
      Tear your fucking eyes out
      Rip your fucking flesh off
      Beat you till you're just a fucking lifeless carcass
      Fuck you and your progress
      Watch me fucking regress
      You were meant to take the fall - now you're nothing
      Payback's a bitch motherfucker!

      Slayer - Payback