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    Greetings All,

    As previous discussions have evolved we have now a site that will be community controlled and rightly so.

    Please check out the site and send anything you would like to add, or change at any time. There are quite a lot of things to be added which currently are not linked, but will be very soon.

    To keep the traffic down you may send related information offline to

    For those interesting in forming events such as those previously discussed we need to draw up documentation (yeah i know work... ), as well as reviewing and modifying existing documentation that exists such as renderman's ethics
    and Thorn's security guidelines:

    For those decentralization people don't start to freak out, this is something that must be done to at least communicate and understand one another better, and then convey our mutual understandings to everyone at all levels.

    ... send your buttons, banners, links, papers, discussions, presentations, articles, interviews, definitions to or

    ... if you see something on there you disagree with please let us know as everything is considered and reviewed to make this site as efficient as possible in conveying the wardriving idea.

    ... if you want to be put in touch with the media and be made available please send your contact information (email only)... and also submit guidelines for those newer to interviewing with media.

    ... please everyone it is going to take a lot of work to get this project running, everyone is encouraged to help. If you stay silent you have no right to bitch later.