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Wireless keyboards/mice on KVM

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  • Wireless keyboards/mice on KVM


    For work, my mom has a seperate computer than her home computer. She uses a KVM to connect between the two. The KVM is a PS2 connector, not USB. Since wireless keyboards/mice are predominately usb, do you think it possible to use a USB->PS2 converter on the KVM switch to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. She doesnt really want to pay the money for it if its not gonna work. Has anyone tried it, or thought of it?


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    I actually had this same problem a few weeks back. Both my keyboard and mouse are USB, but the switch was PS/2. I got a couple USB-PS/2 adapters. The mouse works fine with the adapter, but the keyboard would not work with the adapter. In the end I dug up a PS/2 keyboard and now use that. YMMV.

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      checking out some of the sites from logitech and belkin there appear to be wireless keyboard that offer usb-ps2 adapters:

      this also could depend on the (bt, etc) reciever whether and what connectors it is using..

      and while it is still up (since it has ceased its hosting), you may want to check out: for possible (though improbable) dangers regarding wireless keyboard usage


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        thanks for the suggestions... i know her KVM is a belkin.. so ill check that out... :). so Noid, you said your mouse worked but the keyboard woulding.. hmmm thats wierd. ill continue to research. and bw, i knew about wartyping. but i dont think im all too concerned w/ that. She lives on a church parsonage beside a church, in the middle of NO Whereville!!! :). not to mention, its never really caught on around here.. :).

        any other suggestions are apprecaited and .... thanks for moving me.. heh