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Moore's Law to hit brick wall!

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  • Moore's Law to hit brick wall!

    These sorts of articles seem to come along a few times a year, predicting some sort of insurmountable obstacle which will bring the end of Moore's Law as we know it. A few months down the road this obstacle is somehow miraculously resolved, and then a little while later we see another article with similar predictions.

    Here's my prediction: Moore's Law will eventually cease to hold true when components called "transistors" cease to be used as the fundamental building block of processors, and we move on to optical or quantum technologies for processing. The real limitation of Moore's Law is that it depends on the continued use of electronic processors.
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    45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B1
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    We can use diamonds and get down to the smalest of particles, make a CPU faster tha the speed of light, able to load every simgle bit of world knowledge in 8 seconds....

    ...and Microsoft Flight Simulator will still hack it up!


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      Originally posted by 0versight
      a couple months ago wired had an article out talking about how science has finally made diamonds and they are trying to create a way to make it possible for them to be used in cpus at a fair price, diamonds will be able to go much faster than silicon since it never melts but I doubt any diamonds going into cpus within the next few decades.
      yep, that cover had a hot chick covered in diamonds. I believe moore has been right so far, and he will continue on going down the right path.
      I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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        Ok, I've been around a while... I've seen quite a few tech breakthroughs that were going to revolutionize everything:

        Memorex 2" Floppy drive (Dr Dobbs Journal, '78)

        Organic Batteries (they recharge naturally circa '84)

        PTS (not PCS) Telecomm solution for cellular in the 1300-1800MHz band '91)

        -funny side note: the concept was that you've have what looked like a prtable cordless phone, and you'd have free access from your in home base station up to 100ft, after which you'd switch to rooftop/light post arrays all over town, where you'd have one number, everywhere you go. You could hook up a computer or fax mahine to that handset for high speed 9600 bps connection. Remember, this is pre internet & web-

        The Floptical HD (120 megs '91)

        Memory cell 3d arrays etched into lexan ( 10Tb '93)

        Photonics (circa '98)

        People forget that the 50's vision of our future is that we'd be using hover cars and living on teh moon by now. Even back to the future had rather funny predictions for our modern living in '04.

        But I digress.

        Has anyone calculated the Hz freq that would be the equivilant to the speed of light?

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