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    My usually philosophy on people finding jobs is this "There are enough search sites for for people out there". So when things come across my email I tend not to send them out. However, this one, for the place of employment alone, was worth it. Thus I thought I would post it here, incase any of you are looking for work still, but only because of the place you would be working.

    XY Magazine
    Job Opportunity

    seeks freelance web designer/developer in Southern California to expand and redesign

    You would produce, manage, and edit both technology and content--installing many new premium features such as integrated instant messaging, new databases, and shopping carts. Also, you would work with political, fashion, news, scene, and entertainment content.

    This is a complex position and we are ONLY looking for someone with formal training and expereince in databases, design, technology, and graphics.


    You must be a fluent expert at -- raw HTML, XML, Linux, Flash, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, and everything else. (Quark would be a plus.)
    Know the gay community and like working with fashion, film, music, gay youth, and political content.
    Have a great sense of style and design.
    Have perfect grammar and spelling.
    Have several years work experience with a portfolio of several complex, high-traffic websites.
    You must be in SoCal.
    Write to and tell us why this is you!

    (NO phone calls or flirting please--we will contact you if interested).

    Large compensation will be offered to the right person.


    If you visit, you may understand the humor I found in all of this or maybe you won't.

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    I just hope the "large compensation" is in the form of money...
    --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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      Originally posted by kallahar
      I just hope the "large compensation" is in the form of money...
      "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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        Originally posted by hackajar
        Not bad ...

        This thread hit goatse in 3 messages. Makes one wonder how many degrees of seperation between any topic on the internet and goatse.