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    Originally posted by Godminusone
    Came across L.A.S.(Local Area Security) Linux a few months ago. Pretty cool, as it comes bundled with roughly 200 administration and security tools. Check it out.
    You come across that in the security focus mailing lists by any chance buddy?

    Originally posted by Che
    Give F.I.R.E. a shot, it kicks ass. Mostly for a security standpoint, not as much as general use. (although I use it for general use as well)
    Thanx for mentioning that been meaning to check it out, I forgot my memory a long time ago. :)

    Originally posted by Oversight
    That page goes berserk on me with Mozilla but Mozilla Thunderbird handles it fine.
    Wouldn't you be referring to "firebird" instead of "thunderbird" beign that the second is an email client?

    Originally posted by kree
    Yes, Knoppix is nice but for some reason it wont boot on my laptop, it will boot on my other computers just not my laptop, slackware live does just fine on it though.
    I have this same problem, what is wierd is orginally I had it running on my Toshiba Satelite 2435, then it decided it didn't wanna work anymore. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why exactly something crazy like might happen. Might have been the autoclaveN, just a guess though. Something that it probably has allot to do with in your case and mine both is this Possible Problem . Then again it could be because Toshiba is doesn't practice sodomy on a regular basis and thus makes a crap product.

    Specifially under the "Special Cases Section"

    Originally posted by corwin
    2. Laptops won't boot sometimes. This is because you do not have a floppy drive. As of now, I do not know a way to fix this.
    As I was looking to link this I noticed that a new version of STD was released today STD 0.1 , goodtimes.
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      Originally posted by kree
      Just wondering what everyones opinions are on the linux live cd distro's that are out.
      honestly? i say dump linux, go with *bsd. (search for the i386live iso)


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        Menuet . It seems to be limited, although I have not tried it out yet so I dont know much about it just what is on the site.
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          Phlax, i recommend for all those adminstrative tools, and documentation.

          Nice compilation 0versight.