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  • The New Face of the Silicon Age

    saw this in the new wired mag.

    "so many books, so little time"

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    That's nothing new, just a new country and a new industry. Tried calling Dell's helpdesk? Ask them what country they are in. Tried making a reservation for a rental car through an 800 number? Ask what jail they are a trustee in.

    As time goes on, employers look for ways to compete. Wal-mart competes by using slave labor overseas. Mom and Pop cannot survive against that beast, so they close shop.

    Right now an engineering firem doing GIS work in the USA will bid for a contract. Maybe the government office will have a limited budget, forcing their work to go overseas. Maybe the office will be forced to prove they believe in affirmative action, so they send their work overseas. Or mybe they don't want to risk a lawsuit by an employee spilling coffee in his lap, so they send the job overseas. Or maybe it is easier to simply move the business overseas.