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Networking Your Caravan

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  • Networking Your Caravan

    To avoid answering the same questions over and over, this post has been permanently placed in the Ride and Roomsharing forum. If your post asks a question that is covered here or by any of the posts referenced here, expect it to be removed.

    To summarise:
    • You are not the first person to think of networking your caravan. We've been answering this question since at least Defcon 8.
    • The answer is always the same: wirelessly (or otherwise) networking your caravan is not safe, and should not be done.
    • For a list of the reasons why, read this thread. For actual examples of why we don't want people doing it, visit this site.
    • If you turn up and are doing this, don't be surprised if you are told to not go out with the caravan.

    Last edited by skroo; March 1, 2004, 11:14.