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PDA's and such, simple questions

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  • PDA's and such, simple questions

    I just bought a Compaq ipaq 3635, came preloaded with winCE 3.0. ive googled around and cant find a answer to my simple question which is: "is there any way i can get windows pocket pc 2000-3 on here?" I've read stuff like only the vendors have the upgrade disks, and that microsoft doesnt release the distros, and stuff like that, but theres got to be a way, especially since I've seen other's of the same model pda that I have with pocket pc 2002 pre installed on it. I wouldn't mind going with linux on here either, the only thing thats holding me back is that if I don't get the install right, or any other issue like that I lose the winCE install, right?
    Third and finally, My company wants to setup our webpage for PDA's to be able to view (I work for a wireless hotspot company)
    however I've noticed that the pda's internet explorer wont support unless it's written in XML, I think. what I wanna know is if we have to create a whole another website just for the PDA or can we add .xml format to our pages or how does that work if we were to be able to support PDA viewing of our website, thanks mucho!

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    Well lets see, I will try to answer to my best abillity. A 3635 is one of the original ipaqs and I would think that it would not support would not support the win ppc2003 os or might run slow on it, I am not a guru on handhelds but after phisicaly destroying a jornada 565 and having a zaurus 5500 I have done a little reserch on both ppc and linux versions. All of the different handhelds have propritary mainboards or motherboards which ever you prefer meaning you cant really swap parts from say a jornada to an ipaq at least not very easily and some distros only work with certain hardware or chipsets so in other words if you run across a rescue disc for say a dell it might not work or partially work on an ipaq. As far as your question goes I would say try linux out, The Famillar Project is nice and is for the ipaq, you might want to check out PPCTechs to upgrade the hardware and found this on the same google search as the last link that might help you.
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