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  • VBA Project Password

    Does anyone have more info on unlocking a protected VBA Project file. The only results I get on Google are by companies selling services to crack the password or software to crack the password. I want to know more technical details. Like where is the password stored ? Do these softwares really work ? Brute Forcing would probably work but thats a lot of time.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you.


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    Originally posted by vishalkapoorv
    Any ideas ?
    This isn't a file format I'm really familiar with, but do you know if the file is encrypted once it's flagged as password-protected?

    What I'm thinking here is that if it isn't encrypted, you may be able to just view the file directly using a sector editor (or similar) and copy the relevant data out of it and into another file. Could save you from wasting time trying to decrypt / brute force a password you don't really need to.


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      I've been in your shoes. Some software will allow free decryption of dictionary words of 6 letters or less. Some out there will decrypt the file entirely then not give you the results until you enter a credit card number.