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  • Return of Project Darkroom

    It is not to late to pull this off for the last conference.
    It is not to soon to start thinking up strategy for the next conference.

    Recap the concept: It all started here and fell by the wayside with post-con business. The idea is to create an unofficial DVD of the conference, for the conference. Once the item is created, each partitipant (ie media contribution, mirror hosting, worker bee) gets a copy of the product. The product would include defcon pictures, artwork, papers? presentations?, music, video.. anything about the conference. The idea is to make a raw presentation of the conference (NOT ANOTHER HACKER DOCUMENTERY!)

    Once the product is finished and each contributor has their copy of handiwork, the product would then be turned over to DT and the goons (no, not that 50s shoobop group) for their discretion.. whether it is sold at the next conference, reproduced and handed out to attendees, or tossed around as a frisbee would be entirely up to them.

    email: with questions, interest, etc

    The immediate agenda is gathering and hosting a source tree of media from Defcon 11
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    I'll dig around and see if I can provide you with some of last years footage
    Where's the dedication?