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Emulated Keyboard and Mouse Control -=VIA=- Gamepad

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  • Emulated Keyboard and Mouse Control -=VIA=- Gamepad

    Recently, I have invested money in two wireless controllers for my gaming rig(running XP, of course). I bought two "thrustmaster(lol) firestorm wireless". While setting them up, I wondered if they could be used as a remote control(BT). I was happily suprised to see the software package install emulated, non M$ registered(lol) drivers for a mouse and keyboard....

    ...However, the software sucks. Bad. They neglected to include crucial file. I set out a google search, but googles been letting me down lateley. This is frustrating. The software is so old, on install, it tried to have me install direct x6 (it didnt even detect my correct version). While the pad physically and wirelessly is good, its bundled software sucks. I would be much obliged if someone was able to help me out with a link to a good free/shareware tool.