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Irvine Underground Meeting - May 14th

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  • Irvine Underground Meeting - May 14th

    Irvine Underground Meeting
    May 14 2004 - 8PM

    IHOP (Inside Ihop, Upstairs)
    18542 MacArthur
    Irvine, CA 92714

    Time: 8pm
    Date: 05.14.04

    This location is across the street from the airport and is visable from the street. We will meet at 8PM and run until midnight. We have a room secured for our meeting, once entering IHOP's front doors take a right and we're upstairs.

    For discussion on this meeting visit and check out for more information on IVU.

    Thank you,

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    And if you are late plan on standing room only, it's mighty popular!


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      Are the normal dates for the IVU meeting usually on the second friday, just wondering cause I might be comeing to cali next month and would like to attend one of the leet meetings I always hear about.
      If there is a Church of WiFi, then this is it's !


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        kree, June's meeting we will all be down at LayerOne conference that saturday. So if your in town then be sure to go to LayerOne, if thats your reason for coming to town then we're on the same page :D


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          Cool, I'll try to make it.
          If there is a Church of WiFi, then this is it's !