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  • Wireless P2P Device

    Caught this on The Register just now. Interesting approach to P2P filesharing.

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    yay! another speculative article!

    Originally posted by
    the inspiration came from a series of speculative articles that ran here at The Register eighteen months ago in which we envisaged an Apple iPod enhanced with Bluetooth and Rendezvous


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      It would be nice if there was a device for the iPod or if apple came out with another pda that could enable this kind of P2P action just for the simplicity of file transfer, I would settle for a pocket pc version also. Now that I think about it I think the zaurus comunity has an application like this except it is for transfering notes(Im sure with a little tweaking it could be made into a P2P app).
      If there is a Church of WiFi, then this is it's !