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Guy in Houston needa ride and room (or floor)...

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  • Guy in Houston needa ride and room (or floor)...

    I'm Fyre, 26.
    Due to recent work and bill issues, I've got very little money to spend on Defcon, this year. I can probably come up with enough to get in the con, and toss a little cash the way of whomever gives me a lift/crashpad.

    Here's my stats:
    Open to all music
    Open to most types of people (usually I can stand being with anyone for long enough)
    No Body Odor, etc...
    I am, however, fat. Not pudgy, not chubby.. F-A-T.
    This only poses a problem for me insomuch as I prefer front seat, and absolutely cannot do compact cars. (Well, I *CAN* as a last resort. Let's put it this way, I can fit in my friends Toyota Echo (and those things are SMALL) but it's a very tight fit, and uncomfortable in the extended run). I can compact myself into small spaces, unbelievably, so I'll take up less room than you would think.
    I do smoke cigarettes, as well, though I am more than willing to not smoke in the vehicle/room.

    What I can offer:
    Laptop with internet (via cellphone connection)
    Mp3 player (with adaptor for tape deck)
    Help Driving (if I can fit behind the wheel (and usually, I can in most mid-size+ cars/trucks)
    Help keeping awake
    Good conversation, including good debate/etc...
    Decent ideas

    I'm a relatively decent, easy to get along with guy.

    If anyone is willing to give me flop space for any amount of time in vegas (doesn't have to be at the AP, but that would be nice) (bed preferred, obviously, but floor accepted) please PM me, or e-mail me (address at bottom)

    If anyone in (or near) Houston is interested in letting me carpool/rideshare/driveshare with them, please let me know. PM or e-mail for contact info (prefer e-mail)

    fyre at houston dot rr dot com