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What is the possiblity of finding a room on arrival...

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  • What is the possiblity of finding a room on arrival...

    I am on a very tiny budget this year, and assuming I make it there I'll have just enough to eat and maybe (MAYBE) toss a few bucks room-way.

    What are the chances of finding a room to crash in each night of the con (can be floor or bed, and a diff room each night is fine), once I arrive?

    I'm trying to get a pre-arranged thing going, but I don't even know if I'll be able to go until I leave to head up.

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    the cheapest way to travel is to book in advance. unless you're getting a cheap internet rate, you're only depositing the first nights rate. if you show up at a hotel looking for a place to stay, they're going to charge you the rack rate. the likelihood of finding a room at the ap upon arrival is likely next to nil. in vegas, the odds of NOT finding a place is next to nil.

    you have to offer people whose room you will be taking a whole lot more than the prospect of taking up their space. you have to purchase them a meal, you know, make polite gestures that require money to fufill. otherwise, i guess you're sleeping outside.