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    So, while doing short WD's around the 707 in NorCal. I ran into an AP with the SSID of "5ECUR3w3p5TOR3" (translated as we all know is SECURE WEP STORE). But i didn't think much of it.....
    On adventures during the WWWD4 in the 707, We (Ck3k, myself and other members of dc707/neg9) have noticed <b>more</b> of them.. all in different locations...
    Most of them being Infrastruture, and all of the mac's i can see when looking at the .csv from kismet... start with 00:A0:F8:
    which reports to be an intel vendor? I could be wrong on that...
    They all of course have wep enabled, i have not pursued any actions to altering that state and looking around inside. Nor have i confirmed the exact location of any of them.

    When searching google, I found quite a few people that contain the "5ECUR3w3p5TOR3" in their logs.
    (see:} has found an access point of "53cur3W3P5t0R3" Which is similar.. but not the same (he could've enter'd his data wrong) Either way, He is located in Vancouver which is very far from my location.
    GPS locations we have found are:
    00:A0:F8:3A:FB:61 38.451084;-122.751251
    00:A0:F8:3A:FB:D4 38.449764;-122.693649
    00:A0:F8:89:6E:29 38.449986;-122.691711
    00:A0:F8:3A:FC:93 38.426060;-122.667847
    And about 3 more....

    Other people who also have found the SSID:
    00:a0:f8:3b:91:d7 N 36.1003305 W 115.1371115
    00:a0:f8:3b:7d:8a N 36.1009675 W 115.1386300
    00:a0:f8:3a:f0:d6 N 36.1277810 W 115.2785490
    00:a0:f8:3a:70:ef N 36.1277715 W 115.2779730
    00:a0:f8:3a:cd:7d 47.619985562984 -122.31719138441
    00:a0:f8:3b:77:15 N 36.1960965 W 115.2584190
    00:a0:f8:3b:93:34 N 36.1209200 W 115.1417805
    00:A0:F8:3B:90:D6 N 48.4179250 W 119.5074183

    From the netstumber forums i have found:
    "( 5ECUR3w3p5TOR3 ) BBS ( 00:a0:f8:3b:90:82 )
    ( 5ECUR3w3p5TOR3 ) BBS ( 00:a0:f8:3b:77:1a )

    I got these in 2 different locations. First one seemed to be an AT&T store, second seemed to be a Sprint store. Any ideas?"

    (no i have not asked on kismet or wwwd forums)

    So I am wondering, Does anyone know who has these SSIDs? Is it really AT&T or Sprint? Why they are spelled in l33t sp33k ? and... can anyone confirm?

    I mean, the only thing it seems to make sense to me, is that this is a default SSID, or somehow somone or compay assigns these SSID's.... but people have to choose to connect to the Access Point (probably).... wouldn't people want to have a more approprate SSID for a business or something along those lines? Thanks for any input... I just havn't found anything conclusive and figured this would be the place to ask.
    -Curious and intrigued
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    That SSID is for Safeway stores (and presumably any associated with the parent company). The SSID is something they are assuming no-one would see, and since 'safeway' is pretty obvious they went for something that fits the alphanumeric requirements of not being guessed, but is still memorable (though it's being broadcast so whats the freaking point)

    Typically seen on stores with Gas Bars, but I'm starting to see them at non-gas bar stores now, probobly feeding the POS terminals.

    It's Cisco gear, and the gas bars are using Cisco branded Yagi's mounted outside to get signal to/from the terminals out there. It's easier than tearing up the parking lot to get cables in I guess.

    I'm in the process of doing a bit of recconisence and documenting of these ones because they are becoming more and more common. I'm thinking I should just go in and ask the manager for a tour because my local store's NOC is visable through a door at the service counter and is quite impressive for a grocery store Shows 523 "5ECUR3w3p5TOR3"'s in thier database

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      Heh.. Thanks renderman..
      Thought our group(neg9) was gonna beat you on AP stats for WWWD4, we almost got ya ;)
      I didn't even think to check wigle.. anyways..

      Thanks again,
      The only constant in the universe is change itself


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        Group, what group, I'm doing mine single handed :) Glad to help, though the NS forums would have been a better place.

        Mod, please close thread

        Originally posted by dYn4mic
        Heh.. Thanks renderman..
        Thought our group was gonna beat you on AP stats for WWWD4, but we almost got ya ;)
        I didn't even think to check wigle.. anyways..

        Thanks again,
        Never drink anything larger than your head!