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  • satellites

    Please post your recommendations || useful links for those who wants to learn about satellite technology from scratch.

    Any other useful links about satellites are welcome too.

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    A great way to get started with satellite technology is to get a ham radio license and attempt to contact Packet BBSes aboard OSCARs (Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio). The satellites typically operate on the 2m band (145.8MHz) and can be contacted with a ground plane antenna. As you progress you can learn to circularly polarize signals and operate in duplex mode with a lower downlink frequency. You will also need to learn how to track the position of satellites in order to determine the opportune time to contact them. Ham experience can be extremely beneficial if you are applying for a job in radio technology, as it can demonstrate real-world familiarity with the technology.
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      And if your looking specific at KU-band and C-band satellite technology, there was a talk given at Defcon last year, and if everything works right, there will be another this year.


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        there will indeed be a talk, given by
        "A". it'll be a great talk discussing a wide range of the different technologies
        currently in use for satellite. I can't say much more than that,
        so be there if you're interested. :)
        .:. Adrenaline .:.