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Paul Johnson Execution Webpage

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  • Paul Johnson Execution Webpage

    Unless your in a cave, you've heard about the execution of Paul Johnson, an American prisoner of Al-Qaeda. The news outlets keep mentioning an Arabic website that released a statement along with three pictures.

    Does anyone know what the status of this website is or was? I've been looking for over an hour now and haven't found the actual site. Screen captures are here and there, but I haven't found any shred of the real page. It will be interesting to hear who was hosting it.

    Then again, it was probably hit by a DoS five minutes after the pictures were released.
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    I am growing really tired of these posts. If you want to see the horrible end of american lives in the middle east, go somewhere else. You will not be helped here and frankly you're a sick fuck for wanting to see the pictures. If this topic comes up again, I'm going to start getting pissed.
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