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Satellite TV hacking and the P4 chip

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  • Satellite TV hacking and the P4 chip

    I know nothing about satellite TV and the whole underground world that resolves around it.

    I was asked by a client if I knew anything about the P4 satellite card chip technology. Aparantly it has NOT been cracked yet? Is that right? The P3 chip had been cracked awhile ago which is what has been causing the satellite provider companies to loose money (talking from a north american standpoint here). I think?

    Can anyone fill me in on the 411 info regarding current underground satellite technology, especially the P4 chip? Is it actively being hacked at? Or has it allready been hacked? Any editorials or white papers that can sorta highlight all the revelant info I would need in order to be able to talk somewhat technically in this field? How is the P4 different from the P3 ?

    Am I even making sense!? lol. The only P4 chip I knew of was made by Intel.

    Yes yes before you all shout at me to "google it", i have but most of my info is all about buying P4 cards (which i dont want) and not talking about the technology behind them, or whats in them etc.

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    I've heard through the grape vine the P4 has been comprimised, but not released as of yet. Here's a forum you can go and read more......