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    I need a pin kit for schlage and/or Kwikset, can anyone recommend an on-line supplier?

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    Originally posted by murakami
    I need a pin kit for schlage and/or Kwikset, can anyone recommend an on-line supplier?
    I know people who have ordered through: who like their service enough to continue to order through them.

    Never ordered from this one online, but I have ordered from them in-person, and it worked out well. They do mail order and took orders over the phone. They have a catlog too:

    However, the costs on shipping may make it cheaper for you to visit a local "super hardware supply store." These store like the "Home Depot" sell pin kits for kwikset and schlage. The cost of shipping for a small number of pin kits may be higher than the cost of buying local, and you can get them much faster this way. (I do not know of any laws in U.S. states which restrict purchase of pin kits, and as a result, these are often sold over the counter to anyone.)

    You can also check the phone book and sometimes find "Locksmith Supply Stores" in larger cities that will sell pin kits. Also, locksmiths will sometimes sell these too.

    If you find it difficult to find locksmiths who will speak openly about their craft, there are commercial locksmith forums like where I think they require you to provide some evidence of being a locksmith, but some of these included business cards, business license, photo ID photocopy, and others. They also have ads for reputable suppliers online.

    This one exists, but I have never ordered supplies from them.
    I know people who have taken their mail-based courses, and they said the service was fine for that.

    This is part of a great doc:
    which lists multiple sources related to supplies or resources.

    One more link that is helpful:
    In order to be included as an HPC reseller they have to maintain a certain level of service, so what they provide on that page should be a good list of sellers.

    If you have plenty of time, try to hook up with a locksmith in your area, and you will likely find there are annual "swap-meets" near large cities where locksmiths bring old stock or supplies they want to dump at really cheap prices. Some are looking to get out of the business, and other have other reasons, but the prices are frequently very good, and sometimes at or near their wholesale purchase prices. These "swap meet" often have a cost (like $10) so if you only want a few things, they may not be much of a savings to you.