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530 / Nor Cal Caravan

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  • 530 / Nor Cal Caravan

    Is anyone interested in caravaning from Northern California(Chico) please let me know on the dc530 forum. I want to keep all information in one place:

    I am willing to organize this, but I have no room in my car. I may actually be looking for room for friends I can't fit in my car.
    there is more information contained at the link above. yeah, I know it's a long drive, but last year I had a blast with the bay area caravan. I thought it was almost as much fun as defcon itself.


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    If your leaving later than twinvega & Ck3k, Around 6 or so members of dc707 will be leaving out of Santa Rosa with about 3-5 cars... your welcome to drive along with us. We also are wondering if to meet up with the Bay Area caravan like last year, or just make our own... Visit #neg9 on EFnet, post here again.. or let twinvega if know your intrested.
    Ps. The forums or dc707 fourms should be up soon. There we will post all information.
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      yes, I am leaving later than twinvega, I believe he is leaving on Tuesday, I would not be leaving until Thursday and I plan on meeting up with the Bay area caravan. I don't think it would really be practical for us to meet up before pleasanton.

      Is anyone out of Sacramento is planning on driving we could possibly meetup when we pass through sacramento.

      This is a hypothetical situation, as I will not be driving from chico if I don't get at least two other cars to go with.



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        Yeah ok, I talked to the guy who runs the Bay Area caravan today, He said there is going to be two caravans leaving, One that arrives at defcon around noon on thursday... and one that arrives around 1am on Friday.

        We (friends and I) took the latter last year. This year we want to show up on thursday in time to party and get at least a little more sleep until the con.
        The morning caravan could be a problem for you because your leaving from chico i presume, and.. That adds 3.5+ hours on your drive...
        We'll see... (what the site says seems different that what he said personally to me...)

        from #sf2600:
        "<......> you guys should meet us for the morning drive
        <.......> we're going to meet at Denny's :)
        <dYn4mic> ah ok
        <dYn4mic> what time do you plan to arrive at defcon on thusday
        <.......> around noon
        <dYn4mic> last year it was like 1am on friday
        <dYn4mic> oh cool...
        <edit> the 3pm caravan will still arrive after midnight"

        Site is now being updated to reflect both schedules....
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        The only constant in the universe is change itself


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          Bay Area Caravan Website Updated

          As dynamic stated there will be 2 separate departures from Pleasanton. One at 4 AM and 1 at 3 PM.

          All the updated info is on the website