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818 / 805 Offering: Room for 1 passenger to/from Con

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  • 818 / 805 Offering: Room for 1 passenger to/from Con

    Looks like I'll have room for a passenger, plus gear, both to and from Con this year. If you still need a lift and the schedule fits, speak up.

    Detparting: San Fernando Valley, CA. ~8:00 PM Thursday, July 29th
    Returning: Mid-to-late afternoon Monday, August 2nd

    - 18+ preferred. Will consider minors, provided they can prove parental consent.
    - Firearms and ammunition are fine, so long as they're CA travel-legal (lockboxes, etc).
    - Drugs are no bueno.
    - Anything that might complicate a routine traffic stop should likewise be considered to be on the blacklist.
    - Recent bathing experience a plus. Unwashed masses need not apply.
    - Furries are on a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I see a plushy and your ass is getting dropped at Cima Dome.

    For my part, I'm an 11-year veteran LA driver with no accidents. Car is air-conditioned, in good working order and has reasonable storage space for luggage. Music is abundant and varied. In compliance with my own qualifications, I bathe regularly, will not be drunk, stoned or Mormon for any portion of the drive. Further, I promise not to beat you with a tire iron unless you really, really deserve it.

    A pick-axe, a dental dam and a dream...

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    your mormon?


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      Originally posted by reliks
      your mormon?
      Only in the sense that I've driven through Utah.

      Also, spot has been taken.
      A pick-axe, a dental dam and a dream...