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Las Vegas Monorail Opens

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  • Las Vegas Monorail Opens

    The Monorail in Vegas will be opening right in time for Defcon. While it won't have any stops close the AP yet, it will apparently be expanded towards UNLV in the future.
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  • #2 will give you more info.
    It's 3 bucks a pop..not too bad, but it runs from 8am to 12pm...who in their right mind decided it should close at 12pm in Vegas...damn them.
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      Originally posted by TwinVega will give you more info.
      It's 3 bucks a pop..not too bad, but it runs from 8am to 12pm...who in their right mind decided it should close at 12pm in Vegas...damn them.
      haha this got up here quick, you all must be slashdot regulars as I am =)

      This should be a great addition to see vegas, im sure many ppl will complain about the 12pm close time and that will change in the near future. Now there is something new to tag up with defcon/hacker stickers.... make our presence known!


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        yeah I was wondering when the thing was gonna open, amazingly it was close to their expected date. Thing is, will it still be functioning in 4 weeks?

        Definately worth 3.00 for the long ride, cab ride from Sahara to MGM was like 16 bucks. They claim its going to also reach, the airport, and Fremont Street in the future.. I noticed on the map they had a track that was grayed out going to Riviera also.

        I started to post last night also, people were talking bout it on irc. I was going to update the thread I started several months back..
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          All we need now are free Segways or Mini bikes from the Paris station so our lazy asses won't have to sweat.

          Doesn't the other monorail (MGM<->Bally's?) run until midnight as well or is this the replacement of that monorail? Maybe if the monorail is closer to embassy suites (the farther away one) it will be faster/cheaper than cabs. Closest station to AP is ____ ?
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            Originally posted by gzzah
            Closest station to AP is ____ ?
            That would be MGM or Bally/Paris station. They are both around 1.3 miles from Alexis park.
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              I wouldn't doubt it if some people went War-monorailing heh...
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                You know, Springfield tried the monorail thing, I am scared to get on it now.....MONORAIL!! (douts many people have seen that episode)
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                  Sounds like a Shelbyville idea to me...


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                    Some monorail technical facts for ya:

                    The ticket machines are nothing more than an over grown NT 4.0 computer with a fancy printer/mag stripe encoder.

                    The fare gates run a UNIX flash ROM. They accept both magnetic stock and smart cards.

                    They run a serious fiber SONNET ring to handle the data and 100+ CCTVs (BTW Everything is recorded on DVRs for 7+ days and there are armed guards at all the stations).

                    Here's a pretty pic for ya:


                    Ticket Prices:

                    $3 One Way
                    $5.50 Two Ride
                    $20 Ten Rides (You can pass back the card for a party of 5 two ways)
                    $10 One Day (5 minute reuse)
                    $25 Three Day (5 minute reuse)

                    Favorite sights along the route:

                    1) Ballys Pool
                    2) MGM Pools
                    3) 50 MPG strech between Convention Center and Harrahs/Imperial Palace
                    4) The Borg Train

                    3rd floor at convention center station is rumored to have a bar and be opening at the end of July.

                    Goons look me up at the convention for the hook up!

                    Bally's station would be the closest to DC but the MGM station is HUGE!