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    post your favourite gadgets here i have a bit of money to spend :D what do you lot think about the bluetooth PDA's?

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    yep, go with the laptop, I got an ipaq, dont really use it anymore, you could get an old one for sub 100 bucks and put linux on it.

    other toys I want, and you should to

    sparc boxen (various)
    Access Points/Routers
    amd 64bit fx-53
    random hubs and switches
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      DIY gadgets, such as the kits from Parallax (stamp micro controllers), BasicX es, SitePlayers...

      I always look forward to a good calculator (ah, the HP48GX when it first came out)

      And looking forward to the PSP.



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        As stated above a few times, laptops are nice to have.

        I also like to following gadgets:

        Pyro 1394 FireWire Smart Media Reader/Writer (I got mine for $25.00 plus S&H)

        AVerMedia Ultra TV USB 300 (I think they go for around $130.00 or so)

        Digital Multimeter M1000B (They run pretty cheap these days at a cost around $20-$30 each)
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          I use my PDA with a laser keyboard to take notes in client meetings. Less intimidating to the client and they really get off on the cool factor. That way I don't have to translate my notes to my laptop at a later time. Just upload from my PDA. I also use the wireless capabilities quite extensively. YMMV. I do, however, agree that for most folks a full size laptop or mp3 player is probably more bang for the buck.

          Originally posted by 0versight

          Get a laptop, mp3 player, something you will actually use.


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            Yea I use my PDA alot. I have the same type of wireless keyboard as you have described. I kept all of the dc503 meeting notes on mine. Throw on a CF wireless card and you have a mini-laptop almost.
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              digging on my motorola mpx200. if you can wait the next version will have built in Wi-Fi as well as bluetooth and a camera.
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                I love my Sony PCG-U1!


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                  Originally posted by astcell
                  I love my Sony PCG-U1!
                  cheers to that, but i must say ive been in love w/ my new ibm t42!! :D


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                    I just found a teeny mousepad for it, about 2"x3". :>


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                      Get a USB keychain flashdrive. Those things are handy. Not to mention all the ladies will ask you, "Hey, whats that?".

                      It won't actually get you more ladies, but they will ask you what it is alot.
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                        Originally posted by pyrophite
                        cheers to that, but i must say ive been in love w/ my new ibm t42!! :D
                        pyrophite knows where it's at in terms of laptops
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                          I like my Pocket PC Phone Edition. It's got some faults (like having memory
                          allocation issues so you have to soft reset sometimes) but all in all it's nice
                          having a combo Phone/PPC/Mp3 player. Pocket Streets/GPS talks you to your
                          destination. Also, being able to watch movies on your phone is cool.

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                            My Apple Newton MessagePad 130. I still say it's a better PDA than the Palms, etc. that followed it; it's just a shame that Apple killed it when they did.


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                              The IBM T42 is huge! Pyro I have an extra mousepad if you are interested...