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    Today while sitting at my table and eating some one does, I noticed a promotion that was interesting. Coke is apparently putting a cellphone and gps unit in a winning can, and then finding the person who wins. At first I thought of the possibility of tracking down this can with various methods, heck I could use a new SUV to replace the green dragon. But upon further investingation I found out this can(s) needs to be activated by a button on the side. This shot down my dreams of 10 miles to the gallon and rollin' on spinners It is still an interesting concept and apparently the Army is getting a little nervous with the introduction of these special can(s). Apparently this is a couple months old offer, but there isn't a thread about it yet, so I figured I'd see if there were any comments.

    Here is a pic of the box which inspired this thread.
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    Originally posted by TwinVega
    [CHOP]I figured I'd see if there were any comments.[SNIP]
    Yep. It has been on /. a few times. The more recent one was this one with many comments. There was one earlier on methods to detect winning cans too.

    Beyond what has been stated, wasn't there a TV series or movie that had someting like this? A person was in the desert ready to die of thirst, when they find a can of Brand X Soda... When they open the can, the see they are an instant winner, but since there was no fluid, they are dead.

    Maybe it was a post-apocalyptic event where someone found a can of some drink, and was an, "instant winner," to reveal the character as a "born loser."

    Then again, maybe this is just something my dark-comedy-excuse-for-an-imagination cooked up during a lucid dreaming cycle.
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      They spoke about the gps in a coke can on off the hook a couple of months ago, bernie s. was going thru random ideas and therorys on how to track down the can with emanuel.

      On a side note. When searching I found that they now have the OTH DVD Compilation for $30 in mp3 format for those interesed. I guess I would know if I attended my local meet!
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        From the soldier's perspective, it would suck to know you won but not be aloud to open the can until you got home.

        Does anyone know what company got the deal to have their phone in the can?
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          yea, sitting eating lunch I thought about possibilities of how to track the can down, but then after reading that it needed to be activated I kind of flushed all the thoughts out of my head of finding it if it wasn't transmitting anything...but who knows...
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            Originally posted by TwinVega
            yea, sitting eating lunch I thought about possibilities of how to track the can down
            I imagine an F-Ray would be extremely useful in this case.