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  • TxMessenger Help Needed

    I was working on rebooting my Radio Network Controller at work today for maintenance. When doing this the system disconnects from my RNC 3000 (TCP/IP only) program.

    Normally, I only have a few bumps in the road when doing this type of rebooting. However, I have run across a huge dip, thus making my task a living nightmare. With this said I need some help, please.

    My Radio Network Controller runs TxMessenger software designed for TX protocol mobile data systems. I also have 128-bit Encryption with this. My encryption is transparent to the TX host and my CAD system running on the same server with A separate Windows proxy server that sits passively between the Host and the RNC 3000 (TCP/IP only).

    Now here's my problem:
    My TxMessenger with the encryption should run just fine with the TX for Windows client, encrypting/decrypting and compressing the data as it goes along using the RNC 3000 . This is not happing anymore and without being able to get encrypted/decrypted and compressed data the whole program will not proceed past this point. I tried a google search on this but all the answers I got on this subject were things I already tired and look at. So I thought I would call tech support for the program, boy was that a mistake. No one could even begin to try help me and said I might have just have to go out and buy all new stuff. (Yeah, right like that’s going to happen. It’s a new system, new servers, and stuff)

    So does anyone know of a solution that might help me out?

    Thanks in advance.
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