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  • LEAP Blues

    Is this a problem that can be solved?
    1. I have a Toshiba 805 pocket PC running WM2003 SE. Supports EAP
    2. Work network is CISCO using LEAP
    3. Funk Software has client which emulates LEAP (Odassay)
    4. All was fine untill corporate IT decided to restrict access to Cisco devices only. This is a checkbox on the router setup but they refuse to uncheck (security issue!)
    5. iPAQ devices can connect as they offer LEAP support somehow. Maybe a Cisco card inside?
    6Question. What is being sent that makes this only work with the Cisco brand cards and can it be emulated.
    7. If there is nothing that can be done, is there a Cisco complient CF card out there somewhere? My hack solution at present is to use a Cisco Airnet 350 pc card with a CF to PC card adapter (big and ugly solution) with Cisco client software which is available for the pocket pc.