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Configuring openBSD

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  • Configuring openBSD

    Learned enough about this from reading the obsd man pages and faq.
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    Why switch directly to openbsd from 2.4 linux? Whynot try a grsec kernel'd Gentoo box?
    Yes, openbsd does require a lot of configuration, there's no gui's... there's no silly fluff fluff, its just simple, powerful, clean, effective and most of all... secure.
    Reading afterboot should give you a rundown of most things that need/should be takin care of...
    First of all.. PF, pfctl and *BSD's IP stack are the coolest thing to come along in a while...
    ....IPsec is the shit...
    Security you say?
    If you want to be ultra paranoid you could mess with your kernel security levels (-1, 0, 1, 2) (with 2 being the most secure)... Also encrypting your swapfile...
    Openbsd should be "secure by default" Meaning the OS is 'secure' to most/all of the known attacks.. ON OPENBSD.. Not on third party software.. So I would check for security issues with the programs you have installed from ports...
    All of this is slightly overboard, as just running openbsd will stop 95% of the attacks out there.... Esp if your not sco, or some other huge evil company...

    As to the programming, Im just now kickin myself in the ass for not learning C/C++ earlier.. so I also will be useing vim (already use it), gcc and gdb when i start learning C soon...
    All the information in this post is accurate to my knowlege, i'll admit im no OpenBSD guru.. just a big fan of the progject/results...
    (FreeBSD 5.3 will ship with PF... it will no longer use ipfw) Thanks OpenBSD!

    Ps.. Shh... don't tell people its free
    The only constant in the universe is change itself


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      Originally posted by dYn4mic
      Why switch directly to openbsd from 2.4 linux? Whynot try a grsec kernel'd Gentoo box?
      Deleted reply: since I now pretty much run a variety of os's.
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