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Kodak EasyShare Problem

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  • Kodak EasyShare Problem

    Aight' heres a question.....

    I have an older Kodak Easyshare CX4200 digicam. This cam has 16MB internal mem, whom happens to be holding DC11's pics hostage. I don not have a USB cable or docking station for this cam, as they were destroyed.

    Can I transfer the images in internal memory to a SD card?

    I have tried changing the image storage option to AUTO, rather than INTERNAL. This has not worked. I checked the manual and website, and there doesn't seem to be a specific option for this xfer.


    I can purchase a USB cable, but I already have a new digicam and wanted to use the card if possible.

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    I don't know how similar that model was to a Kodak DC50, which I started off with, but the DC50 was the size of a pair of binoculars and took type 2 pcmcia flash memory. On mine, I could NOT transfer pictures from the internal memory to the card, only via the serial cable.
    Oddly enough, the interface with the camera was the exact same as the mini-keyboard interface on my Apple Newton MP130 and 2100, so I was able to use the same cable.
    Probably not much help, but maybe someone else has some ideas.

    Good luck...
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      If you look at the ammount of time you have spent/are going to spend on this. You'd be better off running down to CompUSA and buying the 8 dollar cable.

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        We only have a Circuit City. I would have to order online.

        There's no CompUSA, Fry's, BestBuy etc..... even remotely close :)


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          I think the easyshare line all had the same cable (finiky little tiny connector). Push come to shove and you can't rescue them before hand, I'll have mine with me at con and we can rescue them then.
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            Delkin has a PictBridge but that is more expensive than your $8 cable. I hope you can save the pics! Oh you can always order4 the cable, save your pics, then return it in 30 days. :D


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              A'ight i'll do that.