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New to defcon says... damn nice job

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  • New to defcon says... damn nice job

    Just wanted to tak a min and say thanks for those that pulled out thier hair (or rubbed baldness) to put defcon together.

    i wanted to say it in person but coudl not catch up to the guys they were so busy.

    being disabled i was only able to make the first seminar on hardware hacking. after that i sat in the hotel room with the two tv's next to each other and watched defcon from the comfort of my couch and beer cooler.

    for those that are goin next year get a room...I only missed one or two of the seminars i really wanted to see and some that i thought were one thing and turned out to be differant were easily replaced by the remote.

    next year i will bring a splitter and have three tv's next to each other.

    I must say some of the things i saw dropped my jaw. I was toatly impressed.

    it was worth the grand i dropped to fly down and Drink beer inthe room for three days.

    my advice is raise the price to 100 per ticket and pat your self onthe back you deserved it. I have my reminder set for january 1 to reserve the hotel rooms for next year.

    I'm new to prgramming (thanks to disability) used to be a repair tech for atms and alarms now i don't walk so good anymore and cannot stand still for more than 5 mins. (broke back shattered foot) so i will be gettign a degree inapplications programming.

    I am the administrator for a gamming community called Deathbytoons. Its a halflife based FPS mod based on world war 2. the game is called Day of defeat.

    I have been hacked several times and went to he confrence to learn maybe what i can do about it. ( i learned to provide my own lube) LOL these guys are freakishly talented and i hope they are not hackin me lol.

    this last year i converted to linux on my servers and felt like i was home again. (missed dos..)

    it was nice to meet so many like minded people been a rebel since the first idiot said "you can't..." At 7 years old my responce was "the hell i can't" been on the outside of the box ever since.

    my mother is learnign to program and hack software

    my daughter (10) is reading "exploiting Software"

    and my 6 year old asked if he learned to hack can he have a laptop...(laptop will be delivered in 7 to 10 days)

    so if next year you see a guy with two small kids and a grandma at defcon say hi to streamers family.