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  • Thanks and Sorry's Thread (please add)

    Thanks -

    801/Rootcomp: Thanks for a great Leet's Link, DCTV, Scav Hunt. These three things really got me jazzed this year.

    Grifter: Thank's for watchin' my back on Leet Link, bringing a drunkin whore back (not the crew) to my room for care, putting up with my "dink" incodient. You really are a cool guy.

    dc702: for putting up with a lot of shit this year, and being very supportive of my speech

    HighWiz: Thanks for the apple jucie, I was parched and needed a drink :) jk

    Sorry -

    Goons: For freakin out at pool two when I got tossed in pull with tech gear on me, I should not have rasied so much hell

    Attendees of Credit Card: For screwing up application you were trying to hack (next year, oh yeah baby, next year)

    dc702: For only coming in second place in both scav hunt and leet link, if I represent us, I should at least get #1 in whatever I represent :(

    PS If you want to yell at me please do, but also put your thanks and sorry's in thread about DefCon as well.
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    Thanks to
    Goons for making another good DC.
    LosT for the gift (added content)
    Toxic BBQ Organizers (added content)

    Sorry to
    Chris for not finding you to give you beer
    Skroo for not being there so I could give you some beer
    RocketGrl for not getting your message from the front desk
    People who got warded keys since they appear to not work on some warded locks (They worked on the 10 I tested, and can be made to work on others if I have a sample lock)
    Forum members for my long posts. (They are shorter now)
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      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Thanks to
      Goons for making another good DC.

      Sorry to
      Forum members for my long posts. (They are shorter now)
      It's too short! It's not really him!


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        Aliens abducted the real cotman and took him back home.
        Yes I'm back bitch!

        And darker than ever


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          IVU - Killer Party, even with Flea's special shot :) And no, neither myself nor my wife hurled afterwards, but I don't remember a whole hell of a lot.

          Everyone I stumbled past on Saturday night
          Aut disce aut discede


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            A big thanks to HighWiz and Stitch and everyone else that carried me to my room when i was passed out by 10:30 friday night. you guys saved my ass. I owe ya big.

            Umm.. I don't really remember much after friday night, i think i was in a perpetual state of drunkeness. Thanks to everyone who dressed up and let me take pictures of them. I have the pictures online, but the site really can't take a load. if you want the link pm me.

            sorry to... anyone i may have puked on on friday night..
            sorry for forgetting everything that happened.... maybe next year...

            thanks to dan fucking kaminsky for the awesome talk on dns



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              Thanks to Group 303 for the drinks, Shalome and Bean for letting me and Ryvenna tag along, and Goathead for the remarkable history of Amsterdam's hookers.

              Sorry to Renderman, I never did find you on Sunday to get you that beer (thats a 6 pack next year).
              The dude abides.


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                Thanks to DOC for talking me into entering the lockpicking competition; I had an absolute blast. My sincerest gratititude for your persistance. :)

                Thanks to Narphlan for talking me into going to Defcon in the first place . . . I've decided to become a regular.

                Thanks to DC719 for their hard work in getting everything lockpicking in a very happy place.

                And a general thanks to everyone for making a girl's first Defcon a memorable and pleasant experience.


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                  Originally posted by Thalli
                  Thanks to DOC for talking me into entering the lockpicking competition; I had an absolute blast. My sincerest gratititude for your persistance. :)

                  Thanks to Narphlan for talking me into going to Defcon in the first place . . . I've decided to become a regular.

                  Thanks to DC719 for their hard work in getting everything lockpicking in a very happy place.

                  And a general thanks to everyone for making a girl's first Defcon a memorable and pleasant experience.
                  thanks to the bastard who stole my badge.

                  sorry that i couldnt find you to kick your ass. maybe next year. =P



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                    Thanks to all

                    Thanks to everyone for making Def Con a lot of fun, and thanks to habanero rum for making my mouth burn like a thousand fires of hades, but i could sure go for some more.

                    -Plink0 -Tony -Kaplink0 -Strung out and whatever else people called me
                    and to the names people called me that i never heard.


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                      The fog has cleared enough for me to finally piece together enough of what happened in order to thank and berate everyone who deserves it. As with Chris, I have a few apologies to take care of as well.

                      First the apologies:

                      Sorry to Panthera for probobly being the one to stomp his foot in the polka line at the German Beer house.

                      Sorry to Che for not being able to get him some of the microbrew I brought down

                      Sorry to the German Beer House, those stiens were too cool

                      Sorry to Chris for not having a better showing in the first 2 WD mini contests

                      Now for the thank you's

                      Thanks to Panthera for joining me on this hellishly long road trip and putting up with my l33t navigation skillz (I get us lost more than once). Also for his sense of timing.

                      Thanks to Deviant for orginizing the room and keeping the beer/liquor supply neatly orginized into conveniently carried coolers. Also for being a very cool guy and stepping in for Panthera in the Wardriving contests.

                      Thanks to Chris, Alex Rogan, Medic, Converge, The running (wo)man and everyone in the WD minigames. They were a helluva lotta fun, even if I did make an ass of myself on the tag me game.

                      Thanks to Chris for being such a cool guy offline as online and for not beating me to hard onstage for my piss poor performance at the tag me game.

                      Thanks to the Staff at the Start Trek Experience for f'ing up the ride and giving us the funniest time ever. I nearly died from laughing.

                      Thanks to OP for forgiving me for missing the first bit of Octalcon

                      Thanks to OP and Kryonik for inviting me

                      Thanks to Dataworm for proving that not all french Canadians are assholes

                      Thanks to Cygnus for once again being a really great guy to be around and for helping drown my sorrows in NYC

                      Thanks to Che for constantly trying to get me up and dancing at Octalcon and the German Beer House, also for helping drown my sorrows in NYC

                      Thanks to Highwizard for not aiming higher when he pee'd on my leg.

                      Thanks to Blossom for the Dance

                      Thanks to Kyle. Has anyone seen him?

                      Thanks to Kelvin, Converge, Highwiz, Lil_freak, Siviak, Sphakle, and everyone else who had a hand in the Toxic BBQ. That had to be the best time I've ever had at a BBQ.

                      Thanks to my Mom for helping me make such a huge batch of th Cherry Cola BBQ sauce that you all enjoyed.

                      If this was the academy awards they would have thrown me off by now....

                      Thanks to the DC719 crew for guarding my ass through Utah and showing us a gret time in CO. Sorry my bad luck rubbed off on you.

                      Thanks to Novilio (Jeff Duntemann) for putting us up in CO springs and spending alot of time with us when he should have been writing.

                      Thanks to HighWiz and Stitch for the QC and for just being you. Also thanks for naming kyle and making sure we are all going to hell.

                      Thanks to GM1 for making doubly sure we are going to hell.

                      Thanks to DT and BlackBeetle for another wonderful con.

                      Thanks to Nulltone for the forum meet and the Forums.

                      Thanks to the Security guards at Blackhat. I would'nt have been able to attend Chris's talk if you had'nt been asleep at the switch.

                      Thanks to the Amerisuites for not freaking out when a guy wearing a PVC backpack mounted laptop and a big pointy antenna comes walking through your lobby.

                      Thanks to Thorn for proving that he is as cool offline as online

                      Thanks and Congrats to Converge and Mfreeck. Wish I could have been there.

                      Thanks to Mfreeck for trusting me enough to check out her wearable.

                      Thanks to Winn. I'm glad you remember the insanity from last year. I'm coming skiing wheather you want me to or not.

                      Thanks to Ashley, for bravely coming out the the toxic BBQ and for the amusing conversation

                      Thanks to Corona, Guinness, Absolute Vodka, Redbull, Boo Koo, and Rock Star. I could'nt have done it without you.

                      And finally I'd like to thank Patty. For Everything.

                      *May be edited in future as more fog clears
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                        So here is my post to say thanks and put the word out about other things.

                        First off, thanks to all the staff at defcon. Although I didn't see a lot of the staff since I was drunk in a room much, I still offer a grand thank you.

                        The dunk tank was a great idea and It was an honor to be asked to participate. Although I am happy it was in the shade, better traffic could have happened by pool 1. I am not complaining and I am glad the EFF raised over $3k.

                        Chris and Grifter worked very hard and I did enjoy the vendor room. Especially when vendors didn't want to stay open til 8pm and you guys listened.

                        Thank you EVERYBODY who helps support the Defcon Cannonball Run and I promise, it will only get better and better. I will put more up soon but the stills from some of the video are up at

                        I would like to say that I am glad that a lot of people stopped by the moloch party but it would have been nicer if people donated booze or money. I normally wouldn't complain but after the new lights, fog machine, and the room itself. It's hard to not consider money when you throw an event without a guestlist.

                        The rumors are true too. I did have someone holding my vendor money and they lost over $1100 while drinking. This really put a dent in my morale. I like contributing to defcon as much as possible and I continue to do so, this just sucked after all the effort that I was to lose what would have paid for the room the party was thrown in. I do want to thank the people who paid for the t-shirts when I needed the cash, people who donated money (You people know who you are).

                        If you liked any of the shirts I had on display, go to and click on the store and buy one for a gift.

                        I had a blast and didn't see any issues. Just kids, don't OD or drink yourself blind, that just fucks shit up too. Pool party were canceled on Sunday night because of stuff like that.

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                          Big thanks to:

                          First off to the staff of Defcon for a another great Defcon!

                          Octalpuss and Kryonik for the ride from the airport, ride to the commissary and all around coolness in hanging out. You guys are the best!

                          Highwiz and Stitch for helping me get to my room after McGruffD's kamikazees destroyed me.

                          Octalpuss and Kryonik for the invite to your renewal ceremony. It was a blast and I was thrilled to attend.

                          The bellydancer at the Marrakesh for entertaining us so well (she rocked).

                          Converge for the excellent administration of the Toxic BBQ. Definately worth a repeat next year!

                          Noid: Thanks for the opportunity to Goon this year! I had the most fun ever and look forward to helping out for the years to come.

                          and finally a Big Thanks to [you know who you are] for helping get Poolcon disassembled and me back to the room after the AP shut down the pools so early Sunday night.
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                            I'm sorry to anyone I attempted to have a coherent conversation with on Sunday. I was sober, but I just hadn't slept in 4 days.

                            Thank you to all of the DC staff for making this happen year after year, I can't imagine missing it.

                            Thank you to Riverside for setting up the room and hauling all that gear in.

                            Sorry to the people that suffered from the difficult to read Wall of sheep after our main projector flaked.

                            Thank you to the sheep for being fleeced and helping to provide valuable lessons. There is a reason we don't post your full password, we only want to humiliate you.

                            Thank you to bobcat for reminding me that GazeeboCon makes even a Monday night red eye flight worthwhile.

                            Thank you to Sue at Ninjagear for all of the backrubs, I still owe you more beer.

                            Thank you to the excellent NZ'er currently from London for sharing that fine scotch with the Gazeebo.

                            Thank you to the many people I forgot.
                            If you can remember DefCon, you weren't really there...


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                              Thank You to

                              All the Goons for keeping order

                              The vendor that sold the pizza.... breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Big thank you for selling it for $2 bucks a piece and not raping us on the price.

                              The AP security guards (white shirts) who asked if I was ok after I passed out, outside of the IVU's party.

                              Riverside for showing me how the Wall of Sheep works

                              Judas for letting me room with him... psycho PT at 5:30AM dude

                              Sorry to

                              Alexis Park for throwing up in their bushes

                              Screw You to

                              The bartender who suggested a "light and refreshing" drink... DAMN YOU!!! :) What the hell was in that??

                              The four teenage idiots who were throwing their sandals at peoples feet, trying to make them trip. Lucky I didn't trip with $5000 worth of laptops, camera and video equipment.