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  • "What if?"

    so here, for your reading enjoyment, is a story of missed chances at Defcon.

    At a party Friday night, someone was kind enough to get an AP security gaurd so intoxicated that he couldn't tell his arse from his elbow, which made for an endless source of entertainment for those present.

    I took the opportunity to demand a lapdance from said security gaurd, who was more than happy to oblige (god bless alchohol.) By the way, I know I saw cameras flashing, so if you have pics, pony up. Those are going on the fridge, damnit.
    In the process, Siviak managed to walk away with the AP security uniform shirt (gears turning.)

    So the next day I'm hanging out in a friend's room at the hotel when housekeeping shows up, freaking out about something in Spanish. None of us can figure out what is going on until they start looking around the place and find what they're looking for on the bathroom floor: The AP master key.

    Needless to say, this story would probably be a lot more interesting if the master key/security shirt combo had actually been attained, but it's still a lot of fun to speculate about.

    Anyone else have any unique experiences with the staff of the the AP?

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    Siviak with an AP security shirt would prove to be good times. But I wouldn't entrust any con attendee, myself included, with the AP master key.

    My favorite DC moment this year was at the Hektik party when Bloodrose got so shit-faced that he came out of the closet, stripped down to the nude, and got whipped by some bisexual cowboy who's name escapes me at the moment.

    I've known Bloodrose for quite a few years, and I know he's fucked up. Nobody else I know would consent to having a Salt Lake City homeless shit in their hands. But witnessing his insanity first-hand is a lot different than seeing pictures on the internet.

    If you attend DefCon and miss a Hektik party, you are truly missing out.
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      I got pics of that poor guard, starting with him being flashed down to his demise. I want to post them but if I edit out the nudity there will be very little left to post!


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        and? I'm really missing the gist of your arguement :D
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