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  • Windows Shell Scripting

    I'm reading Tim Hill's book "Windows NT shell scripting"
    This book appears a little dated, being for NT and all.
    Can anyone tell me if shell scripting syntax changed substantially going from NT->Win2k>XP?

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    Windows Shell Scripting

    Don't know about XP (don't use it) but there's no difference really between NT and 2k, you just get more commands available in 2k.

    It's an excellent book by the way. Should be mandatory reading for everyone who runs Windows . Also check out Windows Shell Scripting . It has tutorials, articles, message boards, etc.

    Once you get into shell scripting in Windows , which is really batch files on steroids, make sure you start learning windows script host. There's some basic info on script host scripting on , but its best to start with the book (also by Tim Hill ) Both are excellent books, and really cemented MacMillan Technical Press as an excellent publisher in my mind.

    Once you get good at WSH, it's an easy jump to ASP ... then VB ... then C# .....

    Good luck.