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Al k. Lloyds Thanks and regrets

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  • Al k. Lloyds Thanks and regrets

    This is in no order whatsoever...

    Jigsaw(for putting up with me), Pezz, Blossom, Converge, Mfreek,Highwizard, Siviak, Stitch, Xodia,
    Kelvin, Dataworm, Spahkle, Goathead, Astcell, Che, Amy, Tinky and Hub, Woz, Xo, Renderman, Donnie, Ashley, Helen, DCMom(you have a lucky son), Nulltone, Oversight, Patty for having a nice chat when I needed some positive talk, Octalpuss, Chris, Twinvega, The DCTV guys, The DCMC guys (even though I didn't get to see 23)

    High Points:
    Meeting fellow 404ers DrKaos and Digunix in the registration line. Free the BellSouth 3! Yes, I know I am old.
    Proposal at Sushicon (Good luck,guys)
    Sushicon (some of the best octapus I've ever had)
    Meeting the Woz
    Forum meeting
    Dr. Mercuri's talk
    Hanging out at the QC
    The Star Trek Experience chick staying in character with 10 people heckling her (and the others wishing they were not in our group). I hope she got a raise.
    Warp Core Breaches

    Not having my pic taken in the Renderhat
    Not making the Toxic BBQ
    Not asking Dr. Mercuri out
    Not asking Patty out
    Not having someone take my pic with Steve Wozniak
    Not hanging out a bit more at the QC
    Having Poolcon abbreviated, which led into:
    Forgetting about Gazebocon (DC 10 was great)
    Not being invited to that Bellagio party
    Not having taken a picture of the STE screen and photoshoping a BSOD on top of it (the simulator borked,you had to be there)
    Missing this "German Beer Party" thing.

    "Are my pants...threatening you?"

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    One thing I forgot to mention, I never hung out with "a notorius Canadian
    hacker" before.
    So that was different.

    "Are my pants...threatening you?"


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      All the people I forgot please remind me next year (as you always do)
      "Are my pants...threatening you?"