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  • 3D in Linux

    What is the state of 3D support in Linux (via OpenGL)? Specifically 3D java support in Linux.

    I recently tried to use the Blackdown Java 3D port and it was a bust. After hours of futzing around with headless options and Xvfb, I couldn't get diddly squat to render.

    Is it the same for people Linux gamers (assuming most FPS engines are in 3D)? Does it take a shitload of configuration to load a game in linux? Do other folks who work with 3D (CAD/CAM, visualization) find 3D in java a pain?

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    Try Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo:

    It's a modern 3d game with a linux port.

    I have not yet done much 3d in Linux, but I would imagine that at least the user end of it is not impossibly difficult. As for the developement, many developement tools, like the java sdk, just seem to drop the ball on usability. It resembles the way that creating java files that will actually run on other people's systems can be a nightmare.

    OpenGL is Linux compatible, but the other issue is the hardware. Nvidia has awesome Linux support, but other vendors may not be so eager to turn away from Micro$oft.
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