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Pick a lock with Bic Pen

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  • Pick a lock with Bic Pen

    While this may not be "computer security" related. That guy in the video picking the lock is a "Network Security Consultant"

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    Lance Armstrong beware!
    Did Everquest teach you that?


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      wonder if its that easy if the lock is attactched to something , hmm time to go to office depot


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        I heard that the screensavers tried to do that trick with the bic pen but they couldnt do it, and they were looking for someone who can. So if anyone has sucess doing it post a video.


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          I work at a sporting goods store and whenever I had people in the bike department today they were freaking out about this. I don't know how it's going to affect sales, but it seems that it's not easy enough to where if you've never had any lock picking experience that you could do it in a flash.

          Meh, my 2 cents.
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            that is actually really neat, though i have no intentions of stealing a bicycle in the near future. it is sometimes amazing to see how simple it could be.


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              Originally posted by hackajar
              While this may not be "computer security" related. That guy in the video picking the lock is a "Network Security Consultant"



              Very interesting. That’s cool that one day Chris Brennan decided to stick a pen in a bike lock but I give him the credit.

              Here hackajar and others here is some information on it.




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                Master laminate steel padlocks are a great beginner lock for picking, but people still buy them anyway. Of course it does take a little more than a bic to pick one. It will all blow over in time.

                I wonder what other cylindrical locks are also vulnerable? Vending machines?

                I've always liked kryptonites for other reasons - when carrying one, its much easier to explain than a 5-cell flashlight.


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                  Originally posted by Gormless
                  Obviously then this is not an isolated incident. It would be interesting though to find out how someone originally came up with the Bic Pen Idea in order to break the lock.
                  Did Everquest teach you that?


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                    I guess Kryptonite issued a recall of their locks. I had to box up all the ones we had at work today.
                    The mighty man will become a tinder and his works a spark; both will burn together with nothing to quench the flames.


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                      This was also posted on EOC. Its that easy.


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                        Impressioning it not anything new. The only reason this makes the papers, is that it's a lock joe average deals with every day, and it's very simple hack using a very common item (pen) to do it.

                        Not having tried it, I wager that the diameter of the pen is enough to press the inside of the pins all the way down and the twisting and jiggling is enough to let the pins slide up (with tension) into thier set positions. A poor mans tubular lock pick (

                        No really a huge issue, however It would be good fodder for reminding people to not always trust manufacturers claims.

                        Gives me new ideas about making tubular lock picks
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                          I cought a similar article on my phone while reading the news.

                          I would say this is why they are recalling them..

                          "Subsequent posts to Bike Forums and other websites report the vulnerability applies to many of the company's cylindrical-lock products, including some from Kryptonite's vaunted New York series.

                          The New York line carries a $3,500 replacement warranty in the event of theft, and Kryptonite claims the locks are resistant to "bolt cutters, saws, hammers and chisels." "

                          Heres another movie of a guy opening one with the ink pen tube.

                          "In 1992, journalist John Stuart Clark - the cartoonist with BicycleBusiness magazine, the print version of - teamed up with a Nottingham bike thief to show how easy it was to break in to the majority of bicycle locks then on the market. One of the methods he revealed was the Bic pen method."
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                            stickyboy and I checked this out in the 530....
                            I concluded that it's similar to odinary pin tumblers. The dude in the video is extremely fast and makes it look easy. From what I've experienced the pen is just something that will fit in the whole(with a little shove), and with constant pressure(just as a tension wrench does in pin tumblers) and "rolling" the pen around, you may get pins to set. I'm sure some locks are more vulnerable than others, but I believe the concept is the same. I could be wrong, but that's my take. It is none the less interesting however.
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                              Ya, I thought the samething. Thought I had a simallar lock laying around to try this on but nothing availible.
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