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  • Leave anything behind? I did...

    I took my 3-year old Olympus Camedia C2100 Ultra Zoom with me to Defcon this year, with the intent to use it, but never got around to taking a single picture. It sat in the pile of "stuff" that everyone has at DC, till i packed up to leave.

    Left the con, got home, didn't notice anything different because i don't use the cam very often. Something came up that made me start looking around for it, and to my surprise and shock, i couldn't find it anywhere. I talked to the guys i'd driven down and back with, to no success. I even called the restaurant we'd left from in SLC to see if they'd found it. No luck.

    Perhaps it's my less-than-stellar opinion of working immigrants, but i figured that if i'd left it in my room at the AP, there's no chance someone would turn it in. This frame of mind persisted until i had a conversation with dedhed yesterday about him purchasing a camera for his girlfriend's art projects. I figured that it really was a long shot, in both our opinions, but that it couldn't hurt.

    I called down, talked to someone in security, and was informed that there was something in their log that stated an Olympus camera had been found and associated with my room. I needed to call back later, however, to speak to a supervisor who could open a storage locker and arrange shipping.

    After a call back later in the afternoon, i was relieved and surprised to find that they indeed had my camera. Their policy on holding items is that they don't keep anything over 30 days. For whatever reason, my item persisted.

    I have to thank whomever cleared the room for their honesty, and anyone else involved in keeping track of it. Sometimes humanity surprises me.

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    Maybe they can pass their good manners on to the theiving maids that looted our room. Glad to year you got your stuff back.

    I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me