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tommEE pickles birthdaycon 2005 and CES

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  • tommEE pickles birthdaycon 2005 and CES

    tommEE pickles birthdaycon 2005 and CES


    Party people it is like four months away. It's tommEE pickles birthdaycon and CES extravaganza. We had so much fun last year, we are putting it on again. Where is it? Well in the only town tommEE can hold it... LAS VEGAS.

    On January 6-9th so many people are going to head to Las Vegas, they will be heading to CES, but the rest of us are going to be drinking and gambling and making fun of the same hookers we pissed off last year.

    Saturday will be the first attempt to pull of a Pajama Jammy Jam in Las Vegas in January, casino hopping.

    Oh yeah, in the day times, we will be attending CES (, so get your badges already.

    If you need more info you can hunt it down and more announcements will probably end up on

    So if I know you, come along, or we will end up talking about you behind your back.

    More info to follow...
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    tommEE pickles

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    I hope you're gonna invite that dweeb reporter from KTLA. :D


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      dweeb? 1985 called, they want thier slang back.

      I may acutally join you folks out there this year..

      I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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        Reminder: tommEE pickles birthdaycon 2005 and CES 2005

        This is a reminder to find crash space and register for CES or AES soon. As the CES website states "Register by 8 p.m. EST on December 30, 2004 to get your FREE Exhibits Plus badge for access to all exhibits, TechZones, Supersessions, Keynotes and selected conference sessions."

        I will be posting more info on my website as information is available.

        tommEE pickles
        tommEE pickles


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          Limited crash space provided by the beautiful Chez`Siv...
          If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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            I have that weekend off! Maybe I can get there Thursday evening....


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              So I was looking at the hotel situation. The most central spot is usually the area where MGM, Tropicana, Excalibur, NY NY casinos meet. The first night activities will start at the bar at the Mandalay Bay, so it is sometime conveienent to stay in that area. The Excalibur is cheap, the Trop is cheaper.

              I will be arrving Wednesday but that is because I am attending the first night of CES where Bill Gates is giving keynote at 6:30pm. Rumor is the Xbox2 will be unveiled.

              The birthday group will get together Friday night at the Mandalay. Saturday night is time for the Belagio Buffet. Other plans are up in the air. I will be driving and I might have space on Wednesday in my car.

              Things that are penciled in as of yet.

              noon: tommEE leaves for CES
              6:30 p.m Las Vegas Hilton Bill Gates Keynote


              8PM: Mandalay Bay (center circular bar)

              8PM: Dinner Belagio

              6PM: Driving Home

              More Updates to come.

              tommEE pickles


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                Birthdaycon 2005 Reminder (its 29 days away)

                tommEE pickles will be celebrating yet one more Birthdaycon in the only
                town that can fit it, Las Vegas. Amoung the festivities of alchohol
                there will also be CES and AVN in town. Don't forget about the gambling
                and booze also.

                Important info below:

                * If you are not 21 or over (without fake id), you may not have a good
                time at birthdaycon 2005
                * Las Vegas is a casino town, you can win big, you can lose big. I have
                no control over this.
                * CES registration is at register now, otherwise
                it costs money. CES is really neat!
                * If you didn't get a hotel, find one now. The ghetto ones still have
                rooms. Even the Golden Nugget, Stratosphere have rooms. Pricey though.
                Get creative.

                If there are any planning questions, get a hold of me and Happy Birthday
                to tommEE pickles.
                tommEE pickles