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    If a forum gets off track but is still worth following, we can always split it into a new thread.


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      Whichever light or even purchased keylogger you use, be sure to try the major apps on a machine with it. It might make itself known as a pest.

      Spector used to crash Outlook Express on a few machines, for example. I've seen some loggers crap out IM apps and even dialog boxes in programs.

      Also, be sure you can access the resident anti-spyware app and choose to have it always ignore the keylogger you use!


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        Key loggers are hard to hide. If the persons are trying to obtain passwords, then a simple key logger would work. Assuming you are trying to get passwords, you would need passwords on the system to install the program. but..... if youre trying to capture, say, IM's and such, then you have to have some program that will log more than just keystrokes. Those programs are usually expensive and easy to detect for an experienced computer user. If the person isnt an experienced user, then yeah you might be able to hide it from them. But the fundamental question is why go through all that trouble.
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