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  • Questions on DDoS

    there is this guy that is threatening our college to launch a DDoS attack on the main college server..... due to a grudge against the admin staff
    i don't know much about DDoS, but is there any way the server's security could bypass it? or is it unavoidable?

    and the same for i noticed, since ppl use anonymous proxies to bruteforce, so it might not seem to be of the same source...but still is there any way to be protected against it?
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    Normally you'll need to work with your upstream provider to block the attack. If you can have the packets dropped before they get to your connection then you're fine. Maybe give them a heads up so that they're better able to respond if it happens.
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      thx for the info on the DDoS
      but will droping packets affect other users on that server?....or is the process selective?

      but for the bruteforcing........let's say this guy was hopping was one proxy to another......doesn't that somehow make limiting the login attempts a bit useless?
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        oh, thanks guys. I got it now.

        I will try to do that to my site.