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    I have to do a current event project on " science or technology " but I'm pretty geeky so since this time I have to orally present my report I figured I wouldn't miss this opportunity to somewhat flaunt my inner geek. The only problem is, I need a good news story that I can write it on, Anyone know of any resent news (I have tried Google news, but I figured I would come to you guys, the ones who have been to Defcon (your so lucky) and see if you had anything good ) As much as I would prefer something of or relating to the topic of hacking, anything in the field such as Phreaking and Cracking, etc is great. Any advice would be appreciated I do plan on wearing my Phrack shirt and bringing a 2600 mag. as a "graphical aide" ( as much as I would love to sport some defcon swag I don't feel I have the right because I've never been). Also I guess Ill take this opportunity to introduce myself, hello. I'm still learning about hacking/Phreaking/cracking, but I'm somewhat sensible and know about the hacker scene and the maturity of this group, I hope I fit in, and thanks for any suggestions.
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    Thanks, I'll try and find some specific relations to windows v linux security in the news.


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      If you are looking for articles, use this site. However a word to the wise if you are going to do a topic on [pick your verb]ing would it not make more sense to pick the topic you enjoy the most, so that you actually have in interest in doing the research. Therefore learning about the topic instead of having people who you do not know tell you what you should be interested in. Better to pick a topic you care about then evolve your presentation from there. Current Event applies to anything that has relevance today, so obviously there is a broad category for you to pick from considering computer information and analysis is constantly evolving.
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        thanks for the link, I did slightly suggest they be about hacking (im not pointing that out to be smug) but Im pretty open, and i dont neccicerily have to take there advice, but thanks again for the link.


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          My junior year in my Information Technology In A Global Society class I wrote a paper on toll fraud through the means of red and blue boxing and how companies have/can prevent it which I found to be quite a bit of fun to write.

          But I would agree with allentrace that you should write on what interests you. I would suggest going with something you know a bit about that way you don't have to start from scratch, but that is my 2 cents.
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