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Avecho "Contest"?

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  • Avecho "Contest"?

    Just something I was reading that I found quite interesting... Thought you guys would enjoy this.

    A small British e-mail company is lining itself up for a possible challenge by inviting Internet users to break into its product.

    Avecho has offered $18,056 (10,000 pounds) to anyone who can sneak a virus past its GlassWall product, and it has even opened up the challenge to its developers.

    For the full story check out this link.
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    They should give 1998 their marketing scam back. The 'bet you cant break into our server' game is old and played out. They should spend their money on more R&D

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      Cause you know how we love sending virii!

      Since we're Leet!

      Noid: I guess they find it cheaper to use "hackers" as R&D then to hire someone.


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        Scam "R" Us? Possibly. I just find it slightly humorous.
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